Making DIY Canna Caps with Your AVB

I’ve been scanning through r/Trees and the FuckCombustion forum recently so that they can find inspiration for innovative and exciting methods to consume AVB!

Like the majority of you savvy vapers know, AVB (or already vaped bud) may be the browned herbal remnants that fallout of your vape’s chamber after a session.

Among the reasons AVB is so awesome to work with is that it’s already decarboxylated, meaning it doesn’t have to be placed found in the oven before getting ingested.

The other reason is that it’s pretty much free weed! Ain’t no one conserving joint ash or dutch guts for later make use of. Reusing AVB is just one more awesome reason to change to vaping.

Consuming vaped cannabis permits you to absorb the remaining cannabinoids that could possibly not have been completely atomized, such as for example pain-eliminating cannabinoids THCV and CBC.

If you’ve thinking about consuming your AVB, it’s better to round up the session a little earlier than you perhaps normally would in order that you’ve increasing the potency of your end product.

I’m not declaring don’t get baked, simply keep the chamber with a good faint green tinge to it as opposed to charcoal dark. If you’ve a herb connoisseur, this will be straightforward as high temps make a difference flavor.

This week, after some forum scanning, I’ve found a fresh way to consume your vaped bud; AVB canna caps! Have a look at my full recipe/methodology below.

That is by far the easiest edible to make, apart from maybe Firecrackers, and requires only six things. To make your AVB Canna Caps you’ve have to the following:

Materials List

  • 3-5 grams of decarbed cannabis or AVB
  • Scales for dosing
  • A coffee grinder/side grinder/mortar and pestle
  • Vegetable glycerin caps, size 00. They are available at most health food stores or online
  • A pipette or 10ml plastic extensive tipped syringe
  • A vegetable or plant-structured oil that’s saturated in fats (Hemp Oil/Coconut Oil)


The reason why I resorted to using my old Kmart coffee grinder over my GrindeROO 4-pc herb grinder is simple; I don’t want dark brown particles in my own kief!

By positioning the AVB through the espresso grinder first, you’ve going to have the ability to pack far more into your canna caps and conclude with a more potent product.

After a four to five second burst in the coffee grinder, the AVB must have decreased by up to 50% in proportions, making it far much easier to pack up to 25 % gram right into a canna cap.

If you’ve trying to attain the same consequence with a mortar and pestle it will require a little longer, nonetheless it can make for a finer grind.


A good beginning dose for a seasoned vaper is 0.5 grams of AVB, which according to the degree of your vaping, will likely mean 0.15-0.2 g of fresh cannabis.

You’ll have a much simpler period packing the AVB canna caps if you split the fifty percent gram medication dosage into two. I’ve possessed effects off a single cap first thing each morning, and for my night time routine, a hearty several help to make sleep that easier.

The canna cap on the proper contains 0.3 g with the rest being packed in to the second. It is quite straightforward and mess-free to obtain the capsules all packed up.

With the help of a little online poker or packing tool (the end of a paintbrush in my own case), your task becomes that much easier.

Most AVB recipes demand the vaped cannabis to be consumed with a fatty meal or perhaps infused with an oil with a high-fat content material such as coconut oil.

If you’ve looking to retailer and consume the AVB canna caps in dry out powder form (that i recommend), it’s also advisable to cap up and consume capsule of hemp seed oil or a substitute to greatly help with the delivery of the cannabinoids.

With the 0.5 grams of dried herb, these AVB canna caps will pack about as much of a punch as a 10mg edible. Today, for a daily customer this a mild medication dosage, but it is a lovely way to start your day!

The vitamins and minerals of the hemp seed oil, combined with the relaxing and anti-inflammatory qualities of the cannabis will make these AVB canna caps a complete favourite.

If you’re seeking to consume that big jar of AVB that you’ve got lying around, you can check out the others of my AVB quality recipes here.